Painting with encaustic wax



For me, the creation of my art is indebted to its process — experimentation, epiphany, uniformity, random occurrence, solution. The painting is not set in predestination and the trajectory of the painting only manifests after I’ve spent ample time with it. And that trajectory may go as fast as it came. The only idea I may have in mind at the outset would be a vague floating concept — like, Texture, Line, Sharpness, Softness, Patina, Distress, Grid. Deliberately loose explorations — or else they are not explorations.

From varying vantage points, my recent work in encaustic wax explores Color, Line, and Texture — art school basics, three Elements of Art. I make as many efforts to embellish these concepts as I do to epitomize them, and to witness the mechanisms by which the properties of the wax enforce them. With wax, I can sculpt, distress, deform, melt, cut — and paint. And importantly, the wax has its own ideas: despite my deliberation, despite a growing concept, despite my fretting over detail, I’m mostly here to help the wax along, lest it lose control. 


statement image.jpg